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1 English prelate noted for his pessimistic sermons and articles (1860-1954) [syn: William Ralph Inge, the Gloomy Dean]
2 United States playwright (1913-1973) [syn: William Inge]

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Inge is a first name in Scandinavia, Dutch-speaking countries and German-speaking speaking countries and a last name in English-speaking countries.
In most of Scandinavia the name is mostly used as a boys name, but in Denmark, Dutch-speaking countries and German-speaking countries it is used for girls. It is derived from Ing which is an alternative name for the norse god Freyr. Ing was one of the three sons of Mannus and the legendary ancestor of the Ingaevones. Since the Ingaevones form the bulk of the Anglo-Saxon settlement in Britain, they were speculated by Noah Webster to have given England its name. Thus the name Inge could have the same root as the name England. In England, where the surname "Inge" is usually pronounced to rhyme with "ring," the pronunciation of the two are the same even though the spelling is slightly different. In the USA the surname is pronounced to rhyme with "hinge." Some related names are Inga, Ingar, Yngve, Inger, Ingrid, Ingeborg, Ingvild and Ingunn.
A number of famous people are named Inge:


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